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Quest 2.5 Adjustable Base

Quest 2.5 Adjustable Base

Size: Queen

The voice-activated beyosa Quest 2.5 Bed Base offers a bed frame with both head and foot articulation and additional technological features to create a sleep system customized just for you.

Built-in massage motors, Wand offline voice control, programmable presets, and dual USB ports turn your mattress from a simple bed to a sleep sanctuary. The split sides allow you to raise or lower the head or feet of one or both sides independently, creating an additional opportunity to further customized your very own sleep system.

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Wand offline voice control
Massage motors
Endless head and foot positions
Zero clearance
Zero G
Under bed lighting
Remote flashlight
Dual USB
Silent drive motors
Power outage protection

Luxurious Comfort at Your Command

Luxury is just a word away with the hands-free beyosa Quest 2.5 Bed Base. Fitted with voice-activated head and foot articulation as well as a wireless controller, you control your customized comfort.

With features such as programmable presets, underbed lighting, built in massage, and the extra support of Zero G settings, this base elevates your expectations of sleep.

Each side of the bed moves together or independently, so no need to compromise on your perfect position. The beyosa Quest 2.5 Bed Base–yet another way to customize your bed for your best night’s sleep.

One Base. Three Ways.

Quest 2.5 works with a variety of bedroom furniture. Use it as a stand-alone frame, inside an existing bed frame or on a platform bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Twin XL, Queen, King, Flex Head King, and Split King.

Yes, the interchangeable legs allow you to adjust the height of the Quest 2.5 frame to fit inside of your existing bed frame.

Yes, the Quest 2.5 Adjustble Frame has removeable legs so it can be set on top of any platform bed frame.


Head & Foot Articulation, 19 Button Wireless Remote, One-Touch Flat Preset, Zero-G Preset, 3 Programmable Presets, Massage, Underbed Lighting, Remote Flashlight, Wand Offline Voice Control, Dual USB, Foldable, Courier Friendly, 2” Shroud, 12” Stackable Legs

Zero Standby Power System, Poweroutage Protection, Silent Drive Motors, Gravity Release

Interchangeable Legs and Sizes, Headboard Brackets

Easy Set-Up

The Quest 2.5 adjustable base can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

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