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Dual-zoned Comforter

Dual-zoned Comforter

COMING SOON!  Beyosa's dual-zoned, thermoregulating comforter keeps both you and your partner at your ideal temperatures. One-half of the comforter contains cooling elements, and the other contains warming elements.
NASA-developed phase-change technology works to regulate your temperature throughout the night. With multiple configurations, you and your partner can decide which side works best for your best night's sleep.
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Customize your sleep experience through advanced temperature-regulating features.

Each comforter contains a thermo-regulating feature on both sides. One half contains cooling elements, and the other half contains warming elements. This results in four different configurations:

1 - Warm and cool for the left/right halves of the bed.

2 - Cool and warm for the left/right halves of the bed.

3 - Warm feet and cool upper body. 

4 - Cool feet and warm upper body. 

This dual-zoned comforter adapts to sleepers’ dynamic thermal temperatures throughout the sleep cycle. You and your partner can be together and still experience customized comfort on your half of the bed.

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Full, Queen, King and Cal King.

The temperature-regulating features are only associated with the side of the comforter pointing down to the sleepers. 

It is made with TENCEL™, Outlast™ premium fabric and polyester fiber filling. These materials contain moisture-wicking properties, as well as thermo-regulating features. This helps prevent you from overheating and adapts to your dynamic thermal temperature. 

Yes, every beyosa comforter comes with a 1 year warranty.

Yes, the beyosa comforter is machine washable. 

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