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Beyosa Custom Hybrid Mattress

Beyosa Custom Hybrid Mattress

Size Guide
Mattress Sizing Chart

Find your perfect-sized mattress:

Mattress sizing guide diagram
Size Guide
Mattress Sizing Chart

Find your perfect-sized mattress:

Mattress sizing guide diagram
Size: Queen
Side 1: Plush
Side 2: Plush

Customizable Sides. Individual Comfort.
Bed partners can now choose a comfort level for each side of the bed without compromise—it's up to you!

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We hand-assemble your custom mattress to ship in 3-5 business days.

What's so great about a Beyosa Custom Hybrid mattress?

Bed partners choose Plush, Medium or Firm on each side of the bed!

The Genius in the Design

Beyosa mattresses are made with best-in-class materials and a unique, modular design you won't find in other beds.

100-night Trial Period

Try risk-free for 100 nights. Not happy? Take advantage of our industry-first Comfort Correction™ Guarantee to adjust the firmness of your mattress—right from the comfort of your own home.

Comfort Correction™

Wish you picked a different firmness on your side of the bed? No problem! We’ll send a new set of pocket coils within the first 100 days, so you can try out a different firmness. Learn more.

10-year Limited Warranty

Every Beyosa hybrid bed comes with a 10-year limited warranty, giving you peace of mind as you build your bedroom to perfect customized comfort.

Free Shipping & Easy Returns

Free, no-contact delivery on standard shipping to the contiguous 48 states. And easy returns with no minimum nights required. Shop Now!

Find your perfect-sized Mattress

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We do not. We are a direct-to-consumer business, meaning we only sell online. However, we offer the Comfort Correction Guarantee, so that if you end up wanting to adjust the firmness of your mattress within the first 100 days, we will send you new pocket coils right to your front door.  We give you up to 100 nights for you to experience your beyosa mattress with the comfort of knowing you can return the product at no risk or cost to you. Learn more about our return policy here.

The Beyosa Custom Hybrid option allows you to customize each side of the bed. Bed partners can now choose a comfort level for each side of the bed, without compromise. Plush and firm, medium and plush, choose from 15 configurations for each side of your mattress. Three choices of firmness on each side of the bed means you and your partner can agree to disagree–and still get a great night’s sleep.

With layers of motion-reducing foam and individually-pocketed coils, motion transfer is at a minimum and you rest comfortably and undisturbed. All of our beds have a responsive top foam layer that contours to your body for a more comfortable, deeper sleep. Beyosa foam has 2X more airflow compared to other foams on the market. 

What’s genius about a Beyosa mattress is simple. If the firmness level isn’t right after you’ve tried it, we’ll send you a replacement kit with your new selection.

Queen, King, King FlexHead, King Split, Full and California King.


53” x 75”

Queen 76 lb

60” x 80”

King/Split/FlexHead 96 lb

76” x 80”

Cal King 95 lb

72” x 84”

All Beyosa mattresses are hybrids, meaning that it is equipped with both foam and pocket coils to provide the optimal level of comfort and support. You can customize the pocket coils on each side of the Custom Hybrid mattress to provide one of three levels of comfort: plush, medium or firm. Pick a comfort level for each side, and the experts at Beyosa assemble it by hand—just for you.

Afraid you might choose a firmness you don't love? Correcting your level of comfort is a simple unzip and switch! To change the coils within your mattress, you simply unzip the mattress cover, replace the pocket coils, and rezip the cover.

Your comfort is our top priority, which is why we offer a ten year limited warranty.  With the opportunity to design your own mattress, a 100-day trial period, 0% financing, free delivery to most states, our Comfort Correction Guarantee, and a long-term warranty, beyosa offers a risk-free, fully customizable option to set you up for your best night’s sleep.

Yes, you can remove the mattress cover and pop it in the washer at any point. The covers are made with a universal zipper which can easily be replaced should you need a new one. 

All new mattresses and owners require time to adjust to a new level of comfort, so we offer a 100-day risk-free trial period as well as the Comfort Correction Guarantee. During the first 100 days, if you’d like to adjust the firmness level of one or both sides of the bed, you can request up to 2 new pocket coils components for free. Your comfort is our priority, which is why we are the only mattress company offering this kind of guarantee. We want to make sure your mattress is perfectly designed for the customized support you need.

Each side of the mattress is rated to up to 350 pounds.

More than a mattress.

It's a pillow with the perfect firmness designed by you. It's a mattress cover that adds to your overall level of comfort. It's bed bases that can be raised and lowered individually. When it comes to customized sleep, Beyosa lets you be yourself.

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