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Our medium-feel, most popular mattress.

Our firmest, most supportive mattress.

Our dual-comfort, customizable mattress.

Unboxing your Beyosa Mattress

Unboxing your customized beyosa mattress just takes a few minutes.

We vacuum seal and compress the mattress to make it easier to ship and to make it easier for you to move from the front door to your bedroom.

Here is everything you need to know to take your mattress from box to bed frame. 

Everything you need to know for unboxing your mattress: 

Remove the mattress from the box. 

Set the mattress box longways on the floor. Cut open one side, and pull the compressed mattress out of the box. 

Cut open the plastic. 

The mattress is encased in plastic to protect it through the shipping process. You can move the mattress to the bed base at this point to avoid moving it in its decompressed state. 

Wait for the mattress to roll out and decompress. 

Ensure the plastic casing is removed completely. The mattress will slowly unroll and decompress across the bed base. 

Unzip the mattress at the middle and lift up each side to reveal the labeled pocket coils underneath. 

Each side of the bed should be labeled either “plush”, “medium” or “firm,” on the pocket coils. This label indicates the levels of firmness you chose during your order. 

Rezip the mattress using the universal zipper. 

Next, rezip the mattress with the universal zipper.

Tip: The mattress top cover is removable and machine-washable. Take it off, wash it and then rezip it back onto the zipper in a snap. 

It may take from 1 up to 12 hours, or until mattress reaches maximium height (12"), for your mattress to fully decompress.

Unboxing your mattress is as easy as that. 

Look no further—better sleep is just around the corner!

Enjoy your best night’s sleep!

Remember–you can always take advantage of our Comfort Correction Guarantee:

Within the first 100 days, you can request up to two new sets of pocket coils and we will send them free of charge. Whether you’d like your mattress more firm or plush, rest assured we will make the process simple. 

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