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Refreshing TENCEL™ Lycocell Mattress Protector

The Refreshing TENCEL™  Lycocell Mattress Protector establishes a protective barrier to keep you both safe and hygienic all night long. Each protector is manufactured with Silver Product Protection, which inhibits bacteria, mold, and mildew that cause deterioration, stains, and odors, helping to keep your bed fresher longer.


Designed to fit like a fitted sheet over the following mattress depths:

Twin / Twin XL / Full: 15" deep 

Queen: 17” deep

King / Cal King: 17.5” deep

If you select Split King, (2) Twin XL protectors will be added to your cart. If you select Split Cal King, (2) Split Cal King protectors will be added to your cart. You can adjust this quantity in your cart before checking out if you’d prefer to purchase only (1) protector for one side your mattress.

Unlike a mattress pad, which has the purpose of added foam for comfort, the mattress protector adds stain and moisture protection with an ultra-thin layer that will not change the comfort level of your mattress. It protects your bed from common irritants and allergens. 

This protector is machine washable, and it is recommended it be washed and dried on the “warm” setting to preserve antimicrobial properties.

Yes, this mattress protector comes with a XXX year warranty. 

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