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Our medium-feel, most popular mattress.

Our firmest, most supportive mattress.

Our dual-comfort, customizable mattress.

Compare customization, construction, materials & technology

Why buy a mattress with one level of support when you can customize firmness on each side of the bed for optimal comfort?

When you look at how the BeyosaCustom Hybrid stacks up against Casper, it’s easy to see the difference:

Beyosa or Casper: Which is the Best Hybrid Mattress?

Are you a stomach, back or side sleeper? Hot or cold sleeper? Do you need pressure relief for your hips, back or shoulders? 

Whatever support your body needs, Beyosa Custom Hybrid gives you more options to customize your mattress at a great price—$100’s less than the Casper Wave Hybrid.

Choice itself is the right choice. And you have more options with Beyosa.

Pressure-Relief Foam Comfort Layers

The layers in Beyosa mattresses are made from the highest quality foam and materials, including two sections of individually wrapped coils. These help provide extra pressure relief support in the back, hips, shoulders and more. These coils also enable partners to customize firmness and feel on each side of the bed. 

Comfort AND choice—only from Beyosa.

Benefits with Beyosa

Dual Comfort

Plush and firm, medium and plush, choose from 15 configurations. Three choices of firmness on each side of the bed means a level of sleep customization like never before.

Quality Construction

Beyosa mattresses are made of two layers of foam, pocket coils, and a comfort foam layer all made from quality materials and assembled in America—each element designed how you (and your partner) choose when you order.

Reasonably Priced

Beyosa is one of the best values in bedding. Add in the ability for you to customize each side of the mattress for your best night's sleep, and it's a price that cannot be beat.

Twin/XL | Full | Queen | King | Cal King | Split King | King FlexHead™

Peace of Mind

100-night trial, 10-year limited warranty, plus beyosa's exclusive Comfort Correction give you peace of mind knowing that beyosa is behind you with every purchase. If, for some reason, you're not satisfied with your firmness, tell us what you'd like and we'll swap it out—free of charge.

Easy Set-Up

Free shipping, straight to your address. Setting up your new bed is as easy as clicking your mouse and opening the box.

Customizable Mattresses & More

Beyosa pillows and comforters offer personalized customization as well. Each pillow can be customized to your preferred level of firmness, and each comforter comes with a warm and cool side, keeping you comfortable regardless of season (or partner).

Beyosa Mattress FAQ

Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, King FlexHead™, Split King

Mattress height for all sizes is 12 inches.


Twin XL48 lb—38″ x 80″

Queen 76 lb—60″ x 80″

King, King FlexHead96 lb—76″ x 80″

Cal King95 lb—72″ x 84″

Beyosa mattresses combine the best of both foam and pocket coils for the perfect level of sleep support. The top layer of the mattress is a cooling layer of open-cell foam for added airflow. This is laid upon a transitional layer of foam which provides structural protection for the pocket coils as well as added cushion.

Your customizable firmness comes from the pocket coils in the next layer. And finally, sturdy foam encases the pocket coils and provides edge support.

All materials are CertiPUR-US® certified and non-toxic.

Here are a few basic tips to help maintain your mattress: 

• The top mattress cover is both removable and machine-washable. You simply unzip the universal zipper and pull off the cover to wash it.

• Using a mattress protector helps to maintain a 5-sided barrier against common irritants and allergens. And washing your sheets regularly will help to keep the mattress hygienic and fresh longer. 

• Utilizing the support of a solid base will also help to distribute the mattress and sleeper weight evenly. 

• Don’t worry: We have your back, side or stomach. That is, you count on us to let you choose your firmness and then help you correct it if needed. You can't make the wrong choice with our Comfort Correction™ Guarantee.

Contact us with questions about caring for your beyosa mattress. We’d love to help!

Once you order your Beyosa hybrid mattress, we will keep you updated on shipping and delivery times. We assemble Beyosa beds by hand in our manufacturing facility in America’s Heartland, so shipping times can vary.

Each Beyosa bed is compressed and rolled to ensure easier shipping and set up.

Keep an eye on your tracking number for real-time shipping updates. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Ahh…The sweet feeling of a win-win.

Beyosa Custom is the hybrid mattress you and your partner can adjust to your preferred level of firmness. Whether firm, plush or medium, you’re both on the winning side.

100-day Trial Period

Fast & Free Shipping

10-Year Warranty

Casper Mattress FAQ

Casper mattresses are designed in California and manufactured by suppliers across the U.S. The company makes the mattresses with a variety of different kinds of foam layers, gel pods and springs. beyosa mattresses are most similar to the Original Casper Hybrid. 

Unlike Casper, however, beyosa team members manufacture the mattresses by hand in the facility right next to the the beyosa office in Missouri. This means that if there is an issue, we don’t have to try to locate your mattress order across the country. Our factory is in the same building as our office. After you order, our small-but-mighty customer service team can look through the window and wave to your mattress as it’s being hand-assembled by our friendly staff. We can keep an eye on it—literally—and work to ensure it arrives safely at your doorstep. 

beyosa mattresses offer top-of-the-line construction, the best of premium memory foam materials, and pressure-relieving comfort through dual-firmness options. 

Oh, and beyosa mattresses are made with removable, washable and replaceable top covers. That means even if your breakfast-in-bed dream turns out to be a messy breakfast-in-bed reality, we’ve got you covered. ;)

Learn more about where Casper mattresses are made here or build your beyosa bed here.

Casper queen mattresses range from about $1,495 for the Original Casper to $3,995 for the Casper Wave Hybrid. You can add an optional cooling component to the entire Casper mattress, which will cost about $500 extra. A queen beyosa mattress is hand-assembled to order, and runs for $1,699. It automatically includes the option to customize your firmness on both sides of the bed. Cooling can also be added for $150 per side. 

Which sounds most like you? 

- You sleep on your side and need hip/shoulder pressure relief. 

- You sleep on your back, and want a solid base of support to wake up without aches and stiffness. 

- You sleep on your stomach and want to sink into a comfy, plush pillow after a long workday. 

- You tend to wake up sweaty and exhausted, and want a bed to stay cool through the night. 

Whatever your unique sleep needs, you can customize your beyosa bed to fit. 

Learn more about Casper mattress pricing here or build your beyosa bed here.

No box spring is required for Casper mattresses because the foam construction provides enough body support and shock absorption without the box spring. Although, like any mattress, Casper mattresses will last longer on a platform base or bed frame to keep it off of the ground, as well as to promote airflow and good hygiene. 

Similar to Casper, beyosa beds do not require box springs. beyosa offers two different adjustable bases: the Quest 2.0 and the Quest 2.5. beyosa mattresses also work on a platform base, which provides a solid foundation with added airflow benefits. 

We know new furniture is nice, but setting it up? Not as fun. All beyosa mattresses and bed bases take just a few minutes to set up. Spend less time combing through tiny-print instructions to set up your bed, and more time sleeping on it with beyosa. 

Learn more about different kinds of bases and which are best for beyosa and Casper here. Build your beyosa bed here.

Casper mattresses ship compressed and rolled in a box before being delivered to your front door. After 30 days and within the first 100 days, you can return the Casper mattress for free. The Casper mattresses come with a 100-day trial.

beyosa mattresses also ship compressed and rolled in a box for delivery to your front door. In addition, beyosa offers a risk-free, 100-day trial, but also includes the first-in-market Comfort Correction Guarantee. With this guarantee, you can swap out one or both of your chosen pocket coils for different firmness levels on one or both sides of the bed. We’ll send one or two new pocket coils for free during the first 100 days, or for a small fee after. 

We get it:

The worst-case scenario is being stuck with a mattress you don’t want and a company return process that feels impossible. Some mattress companies will do that, but NOT beyosa. We sell our mattresses online in part to provide more personalized customer service before and after you order. We are invested in your sleep journey and we WON’T leave you hanging. 

Learn more about how Casper mattresses ship here or build your beyosa bed here.

The Casper Original Hybrid ($1795) is the most comparable to a beyosa mattress ($1,699). As a hybrid alternative, the Casper Original Hybrid is built with both springs and foam. It features what the company calls Zoned Support™, i.e. different foam in the mattress middle third, to offer extra comfort to high-pressure areas. The top layer is made with perforated foam, which is more breathable. 

In comparison, beyosa mattresses are constructed with layers of premium foam and pocket coils. Each side of the bed contains customizable pocket coils, meaning you can choose what type of firmness you would like on one side and the other. You can choose which firmness will provide the perfect amount of hip support and pressure relief. You and your partner can choose between Plush, Medium and Firm coils. On top of this layer rests a few added premium foam layers for further comfort and support. Finally, and similar to Casper, beyosa is built with a breatheable foam top layer for added airflow. 

After 30 years in the mattress business, beyosa’s mattress designer, Paul Longman, combined the most-loved qualities of a traditional mattress with new technologies of a foam mattress. And unlike Casper mattresses, beyosa is customizable on both sides, for both firmness and cooling. 

An at-home trial with a Casper leaves you with one mattress to keep or return. An at-home trial with beyosa is like trying 40 mattresses in one. This is due to the customizable coils on each side of the bed.And in addition, you gain access to the exclusive Comfort Correction Guarantee, which will allow you to change the firmness of your bed. 

We think you’ll agree: beyosa is the best choice. ;) 

Build your beyosa bed here.

More than Mattresses

With Beyosa, customization doesn’t stop with the mattress. Every element of Beyosa sleep is customizable including pillows and comforters.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a side-sleeper, back-sleeper or stomach-sleeper, all the Beyosa products allow you to personalize your sleep.

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