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Comfort Correction™ Guarantee

Changing the firmness of your mattress is simple, thanks to our Comfort Correction Guarantee.

Simply let us know. We’ll send up to two new sets of pocket coils free of charge, within the first 100 days.

How to Change Your Bed Pocket Coils

It’s simple to swap out the pocket coils when the new sets arrive at your door. It should take about 2 minutes. We’ve outlined everything you need to know below. 

1- Unzip the outer cover of your beyosa bed. Don’t worry: the cover contains a universal zipper which will make it easy to zip back up when you are done. 

2- Lift cover to reveal the pocket coils you’d like to replace underneath. When you lift the top part of the mattress, you will see the labeled pocket coils underneath. 

3- Remove the current pocket coils. Lift up starting in the middle and it should easily come out. 

4- Cut open the plastic of your replacement coils with care. Be cautious of cutting through the pocket coils themselves. 

5- Allow coils to decompress. The coils should unroll seamlessly and begin to decompress on their own. 

6- Move your new pocket coils into place. Start by setting the middle into place and then push down on the edges. It should be a perfect fit. 

7- Zip up the outer mattress cover. Fold the top part of the mattress back over so it lays flat. Zip together both parts of the mattress so it is secure. 

8- Enjoy your best night’s sleep! Your bed is now more firm or plush than before. Take a new nights to let your body adjust to the new level of support. 

Congratulations, you corrected the firmness of your mattress in less than two minutes!

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