Our most plush, luxurious mattress.

Our medium-feel, most popular mattress.

Our firmest, most supportive mattress.

Our dual-comfort, customizable mattress.

Sink into silky soft, cooling comfort

The pillow is covered in Outlast® fabric which prevents chilling and overheating, while also adapting to thermal changes throughout the night to help you sleep more soundly. 

Experience individualized comfort from head to toe

Pieces can be removed until the pillow conforms to your own customized level of support, completing your customized bedroom. 

Learn the essentials before buying

Beyosa Adjustable Pillows come in King and Queen sizes. 

Thoughtful engineering makes the pillows durable, luxurious and easy to adjust to your comfort level by adding or removing unique fill materials. The Adjustable Pillow is filled with cross-cut foam pieces which can be removed to achieve your exact level of desired firmness. Each pillow is shipped at full foam capacity, so you can customize it to be as firm or plush as you like. You get comfort that supports your head and neck, and you wake up to the same spinal support that helps you achieve rejuvenating, restful sleep.

Each pillow is made with CertiPUR certified foam and is free from harmful chemicals. Plus, each foam cube is spun with a distinct polyester fiber to keep them from bunching together like other pillows on the market. 

Every foam cube is infused with temperature regulating gel beads for superior cooling performance. Plus, every pillow is wrapped in an outer cover made from Outlast® material, which is made with phase-change technology developed by NASA. These materials absorb excess body heat and release heat when you need it most. This results in less overheating and night sweating. Between the gel-infused pieces and cover technology, this pillow adapts to your thermal needs and helps you to sleep more soundly.

Yes, every beyosa Adjustable Pillow comes with a 1 year warranty.

Yes, the Adjustable Pillow is machine washable. The pillow cover can be washed on a delicate cycle at a cold temperature, and you can also spot clean with warm, soapy water. In addition, it is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant.

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