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Where is Purple hybrid mattress made?

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Purple makes mattresses in a few different locations. The company headquarters is located in Lehi, Utah. The company initially manufactured products only in Utah, at 670,000 square foot facilities between Grantsville and Apline, Utah. In 2020, the company added an additional manufacturing plant located in McDonough, Georgia. This Blacksville, Georgia site adds an additional 520,000 square feet. 

Purple is founded upon a patented technology developed by Tony Pearce and Terry Pearce, brothers and founders of the company. The brothers developed the proprietary technology of Purple, Hyper-Elastic Polymer technology, in 1996. It was originally for use in hospital beds, wheelchairs and shoe insoles. The pair noticed the changing tide of the mattress industry and developed a patented machine to make large enough sheets of this Hyper-Elastic Polymer to cover a king-sized bed at an affordable cost. They called this machine the Mattress Max, which is now housed in each of the manufacturing facilities in Utah and Georgia. 

In addition, the company also owns showrooms in California, Utah and Washington. 

In 2018, the company shifted from ecommerce-only sales and added wholesale. During the pandemic, the company pivoted to produce masks and relief beds, and experienced huge growth as more people spent more time at home. More than 1,800 retailers carry Purple mattresses and products. 

Purple is founded upon innovation, with over 16 patents incorporated into their various products, manufacturing processes and technologies. The company continues to expand operations throughout the country, in both digital and brick-and-mortar spaces. 

Our company, Beyosa, is also founded upon new and innovative technologies. Beyosa incorporates the most-loved qualities of traditional and foam mattresses to create a new kind of hybrid mattress. The proprietary design allows both partners to choose the level of firmness they want for their side of the bed. Each partner can decide whether they’d like Plush, Medium or Firm, as well as added cooling components to one or both sides of the bed. 

Beyosa hand-assembles mattresses to order in our facility in Missouri, USA. The facility is right next to the company headquarters. This means that the small-but-mighty customer service team can simply walk a few steps to the manufacturing window and wave to your mattress as it is prepared. No worries about it getting lost between order and shipping! They can track it every step of the way. 

And the best part? Even after your mattress is hand-assembled and shipped, you can still change the firmness of one or both sides of the bed, if you’d like. That’s Beyosa’s Comfort Correction™ Guarantee. Within the first 100 days, you can request new pocket coils for free for one or both sides of the bed to adjust the firmness. If you choose Plush and decide you’d like Firm, we’ll ship you Firm coils—no need to return your mattress.

Don’t compromise what you both want on your mattress—customize it! Build your Beyosa bed here

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