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How do Purple mattresses ship?

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Purple mattresses ship in a large, purple bag rather than the typical cardboard box that many other companies ship mattresses in. The mattresses come rolled and compressed within a second bag. You unroll and unfold the mattress onto the base, cutting through the plastic bag to allow the mattress to decompress. The mattress will eventually decompress completely and is ready for sleep. 

The company maintains a 21-day minimum before you can initiate a return. The company also offers a trial of up to 100 nights to be able to test out the mattress in your own home. It is offered for 100 calendar days from the delivery date. In order to return the mattress, you must have it for at least 21 days and less than 100 days, and it must be clean and undamaged. When you initiate the return, you will be refunded the mattress price you paid, but that does not include the value of any discount, interest accrued or shipping charges. 

You can also exchange your mattress after 21 days and within the first 100 days. It must be clean and undamaged in order to exchange it with another mattress. The company does not list many details about what kinds of exchanges are available. This is something which would need to be covered by the company’s Customer Care line. 

You can initiate a return online, if the product has a 30-day return period. All other exchanges and returns must go through the Customer Care center, which is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mountain Time.  

If you bought a Purple mattress at a retail location, these terms and conditions could differ. The company says to work directly with the partner retailer on returns and exchanges. It could be useful to ensure you are clear about the return policy of the store before purchasing a Purple mattress, as it could differ from those offered by the company. 

How Beyosa compares to Purple mattresses

Beyosa is a brand of customizable sleep products, and like Purple, Beyosa offers a hybrid mattress. However, Beyosa’s mattress is different from the Purple mattress in that Beyosa sells hybrid mattresses you and your partner can customize on each side of the bed. If one partner likes a plush mattress and the other likes firm, with Purple you would have to compromise and choose something more like a medium-firmness. However, with Beyosa, each partner can choose their desired level of firmness for their half of the bed, without compromise. Whether you or your partner prefer a more plush, medium or firm bed, you both come out on the winning side. 

In addition, we're headquartered in America’s Heartland. We assemble every bed that comes in by hand, with your specific preferences in mind. Our dedicated customer service team is ready to make your shipping and delivery process as easy as possible. 

And the best part? Our manufacturing facility is right next to the headquarters, and just steps away from Customer Service. This means our team can easily keep track of your bed from first click to ship! 

We offer a 100-night trial period with your mattress purchase. During that time, you can take advantage of the first-in-class Comfort Correction™ Guarantee. During the first 100 days,  you may decide to change the firmness of one or both sides of the mattress. To take advantage of the guarantee, simply let us know your desired firmness, and we’ll send you new pocket coils for one or both sides of the bed. Swap them out in just a few minutes, and you’re done. If, after you’ve tried swapping the pocket coils, you would still like to return your bed, no problem. We’ll be happy to coverall costs to return your mattress.

The days of compromising with your partner over mattress firmness are over. Build your bed with Beyosa now.

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