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Do Purple mattresses need a box spring?

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Purple mattresses do not need a box spring necessarily, but do need some kind of base. Bases should have slats 3 inches or less apart or use a platform-style base to provide optimum support. 

Your bed frame and mattress type will determine whether you need a box spring. And that includes a Purple mattress! Read on to learn about what factors determine whether you need a box spring, and whether you need one for a Purple mattress. 

There are a variety of different foundations for mattresses: a box spring, a bed platform, a bed frame or an adjustable base. 

What’s a Box Spring? 

A box spring is a wooden or metal frame filled with extra coils or metal springs. Sometimes it is also upholstered with fabric to make it look cozy with the mattress. Box springs create additional support for the mattress. They help to improve airflow and provide added shock-absorbency protection to the mattress. They also help to lift the mattress higher off of the floor for an easier time getting in and out of bed. 

Box springs are not necessary for every mattress. They are usually necessary for beds made with pocket coils or springs on the inside. Traditional mattresses are made with springs, and require a box spring. Hybrid mattresses contain both foam or latex materials in addition to the springs. 

Box springs absorb shock and could prolong the life of a traditional spring mattress. This is because it absorbs the impact of movement on the mattress. Absorbing shocks such as when a beloved but heavy dog jumps up on the bed or if you collapse into bed after a long workday. When beds are made with springs or pocket coils, adding box springs improves the durability of the mattress over time. The box spring takes most of the shock, rather than the mattress alone. 

Do Purple mattresses need a box spring? 

Memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses absorb shock differently than traditional mattresses, making it unnecessary to have a box spring. Purple mattresses do not need a box spring to maintain the support and structure of the mattress. 

The unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer which constitutes the FlexGrid™ technology maintains its shape without a box spring. However, like any mattress, Purple mattresses can last longer with something to keep them off of the ground, such as a platform, a bed foundation or an adjustable base. 

The different kinds of bed bases

If you’ve ruled out box springs for your mattress, there are different options available to adequately support your mattress and help it maintain durability. The most common types of bases include: a bed foundation, a platform base and an adjustable base. 

A bed foundationcreates an even level on the frame. It is usually a simple metal or wooden frame with wooden or metal slats. Foundations create an even level of support to prevent the mattress from sagging. It is similar in appearance to box springs, but without the actual springs. It can improve airflow and elevate the mattress off of the ground. 

A platform base doesn’t have any slats like a bed foundation, and instead, has an even surface. Platform bases do not elevate the bed as much as a box spring, but still offer even support. Sometimes they contain built-in drawers on the bottom for added storage.

An adjustable basemaintains a similar purpose of the bases above, but with added perks. Adjustable bases lift both the head and the feet of the mattress, allowing for different lounging and sleeping positions. Voice activation or remote controls can make adjusting the bed easy. The beds often come with features such as built-in USB ports, lighting and built-in massage. These bases are often the most expensive choice of those listed because they are technologically advanced. Check with the manufacturer of your mattress to ensure that this type of base is compatible. 

What if I just want to put my Purple mattress on the floor? 

Purple mattresses can indeed be placed on the floor. They do not necessarily require a box spring or any kind of bed base. However, there are risks involved. If the mattress is not on a base of some kind and is only on the floor, there will be a reduction in airflow which can increase temperature during the night. In addition, if the mattress is on the floor, the mattress will absorb all of the shock, potentially reducing mattress durability. Lastly, it can also contribute to hygiene issues due to not being able to sweep or vacuum underneath the mattress. 

What kind of bases does Beyosa offer?


Beyosa offers mattresses you can customize onbothsides of the bed, so we offer bases that do that too. Beyosa offers two different levels of adjustable bases, the Quest 2.0 and the Quest 2.5. Both Quest bases can articulate the head and feet, and in the King models can adjust each side simultaneously. You can also find the Breeze platform base. This base provides a solid foundation with added airflow benefits of wooden slats. 


Like Purple mattresses, Beyosa beds can work with a variety of bases and do not require box springs. We sell bases we recommend for our mattresses, but a variety of bases can work well. 


But what is a bed base without a comfortable mattress? Your sleep is impacted most by the quality and construction of the mattress. With Beyosa, you don’t have to compromise with your partner on a mattress, you can customize it to match your individual preferences.

Choose from Firm, Medium or Plush for each side. No compromise required! 


The days of compromising with your partner over mattress firmness are over. Build your bed with Beyosa now.

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