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How do Casper mattresses ship?

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If you’ve wondered how Casper mattresses ship, look no further! Below you will find details about how Casper moves your mattress from order to delivery and beyond. 

Shipping & Delivery

When you order your Casper mattress, you will have the option to select whether you would like standard shipping or In-Home Delivery & Set-Up. Standard shipping is free to most US states and most of Canada, and In-Home Delivery & Set-Up is an up-charge of $199. This includes the removal of your old mattress. Shipping cost is applied to all orders in Hawaii, Alaska and Northern Canada (Yukon, Northwest & Nunavut territories). For most standard shipping orders, Casper works with UPS as the company’s primary shipping partner. And for In-Home Delivery & Set Up, Casper works with additional partners after your order arrives at the local delivery hub.

The Casper site says orders typically take 3-9 business days to arrive through UPS, although some orders will take longer due to shipping delays. You will receive a tracking number when your order ships so you can keep track of it along the way. If you request In-Home Delivery & Set-Up, once all of the packages have arrived at the local delivery hub, the delivery partner will schedule a time with you to come and set up your order. This service is sometimes offered on weekends, depending upon the local delivery partner. However, in most cases, for both standard shipping and In-Home Delivery, Casper ships primarily on weekdays. 

If you would like to sign for your delivery to ensure it safely arrives at your door, you simply check the signature requirement at checkout. If you left this box unchecked, UPS will leave the box at your door or in your building’s mailing room. 

Because Casper works with UPS for shipping, the company cannot guarantee that your order will arrive on a specified delivery date. In light of this, you will be notified frequently about the status of your order. The company also recommends signing up for UPS My Choice® to receive specific, real-time tracking updates. 


When Your Order Arrives

A Casper mattress is a regular foam or hybrid mattress (depending upon which one you ordered), shipped in a box right to your door. Online mattress shopping prevents you from needing to find a way to haul an unboxed mattress from the store to your apartment.

Casper mattresses ship in boxes that tend to be the size of a mini-refrigerator:

The Casper Essential box measures 41 x 41 x 108 cm.
The Casper mattress box measures 43 x 43 x 107 cm. 
The Casper Wave box measures 48 x 48 x 104 cm. 

The weight of the mattress will depend on what kind of mattress you purchased as well as what size.

The mattress is compressed, air-sealed and rolled to promote ease of shipping. And even though compressed, the foam construction will cause the bed to unroll automatically and retain its original shape. 

When the mattress arrives, you will see that the package includes instructions as well as a tool to assist in opening the plastic. Once you are able to nudge the mattress out of the box, you will find that the mattress is wrapped in plastic to help protect it throughout the shipping process. 

Ensure that you have enough space for the mattress to unfurl. And use caution as you cut open the plastic, so as to not cut the mattress or mattress cover. As you cut open the mattress, the mattress will begin to unroll and decompress. Allow a few hours for the mattress to completely decompress before sleeping. All that’s left after that is to make your bed! 

What happens if you want to return your Casper mattress? 

If you decide to return your Casper mattress, you can do so for free after 30 days and within the first 100 days. All Casper returns are free to ship.  Returned mattresses are donated to charities where possible, or within some locations, recycled/disposed of. However, in some cases, they may be up-cycled for pop-up experiences. You can schedule a return pick-up for your mattress by dialing the Casper Customer Service team. 

How Beyosa compares to Casper mattresses

Beyosa is a brand of customizable sleep products, and like Casper, Beyosa offers a hybrid mattress that would be most comparable to the Casper Wave Hybrid. However, Beyosa’s mattress is different from the Casper mattress in that Beyosa sells hybrid mattresses you and your partner can customize on each side of the bed. If one partner likes a plush mattress and the other likes firm, with Casper you would have to compromise. However, with Beyosa, each partner can choose their desired level of firmness for their half of the bed without compromise. Whether you or your partner prefer a more plush, medium or firm bed, you both come out on the winning side. 

In addition, we’re headquartered in America’s heartland. We assemble every bed that comes in by hand, with your specific preferences in mind. We have a dedicated customer service team ready to make your shipping and delivery process as easy as possible. 

Beyosa offers the only Comfort Correction Guarantee on the market. Beyosa offers a 100-night trial with your mattress purchase. During that time, you may decide to change your firmness, which you can do with our Comfort Correction™ Guarantee. Simply tell us your desired firmness, and we’ll send you new pocket coils. Swap them out and you’re done. If, after you’ve tried swapping the pocket coils, you would still like to return your bed, no problem. We’ll be happy to cover all costs to return your mattress.

The days of compromising with your partner over mattress firmness are over. Build your bed with Beyosa now.

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