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Do Casper mattresses need a box spring?

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Whether or not your mattress needs a box spring really depends upon the mattress you own, as well as your bed frame. And that includes a Casper mattress! Read on to learn about what factors determine whether your Casper mattress will need a box spring, as well as the other bed base options available. 

Mattresses generally function at their best when you place something between the bed and the floor. This could be a box spring, a bed platform, a bed frame or an adjustable base. 

What’s a Box Spring? 

A box spring is a wooden or metal frame filled with extra coils or metal springs that is covered in a layer of fabric. It is used to provide additional support to the mattress itself. These box springs help to improve airflow in the mattress, provide added protection to the mattress, as well as lift the mattress higher off of the floor.

Usually, box springs are used on top of a bed frame to help keep the mattress from sagging between the bed-frame rails. 

Box springs are primarily helpful and necessary for beds made with pocket coils or springs on the inside. These are more traditional mattresses that are not made with foam or latex materials in addition to the springs. 

Box springs help with shock absorption and could prolong the life of a traditional spring mattress. This is because it helps to absorb some of the impact of movement on the mattress, such as when you collapse into bed after a long day. When beds are made with springs or pocket coils, adding the coil support of the box springs can help to improve the durability of the mattress over time. This is because the shock is transferred out of the mattress onto the box spring. 

Do Casper mattresses need a box spring? 

Memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses do not necessarily need a box spring to help with shock absorption. Casper sells both foam and hybrid mattresses, so they do not technically need box springs for this reason. The high level of foam within each bed provides enough support and shock absorption to make a box spring unnecessary. However, like any mattress, Casper mattresses will last longer with something to keep them off of the ground, such as a platform, a bed foundation or an adjustable base. 

The different kinds of bed bases

If you’ve ruled out box springs for your mattress, it is important to know the different options available to ensure you choose a base that will adequately support the durability of your mattress. The most common types of bases include: a bed foundation, a platform base and an adjustable base. 

A bed foundation is a simple metal or wooden frame with wooden or metal slats that create an even level on the frame. The purpose of a foundation is to create an even level of support for your mattress, without any sags. It is similar to a set of box springs, but without the springs. It helps to lift the mattress off of the ground and improve airflow. 

A platform base is similar to a foundation, but instead of slats, is made of one even platform on which to place your mattress. These tend to be a bit lower in height than box springs, but offer even support for foam or hybrid mattresses. Often, they include foldable legs to raise them higher off the ground, and may even include storage drawers on the bottom for added value. 

An adjustable baseis similar to a bed foundation, but with the added benefit of raising or lowering the head and/or feet into lifted positions. These bases are often controlled by voice activation or remote and come with features such as underbed lighting, built-in massage and more. As the most technologically advanced solution, these bases are often the most expensive. They may not work with all mattresses, so check with the manufacturer to ensure your desired mattress is compatible. 

What if I just want to put my Casper mattress on the floor? 

Hybrid mattresses such as those made by Casper can indeed be placed on the floor without a box spring or any kind of bed base, but there are risks involved. Placing a mattress on the floor reduces airflow through the mattress, potentially increasing your temperature at night. In addition, it reduces the shock-absorbing properties of the foam while being on the floor. It also could cause hygienic issues, since it will be difficult to clean or vacuum the floor underneath the mattress. And because of these things, although possible, sleeping with your mattress on the floor decreases the longevity of your mattress and is therefore not recommended. 

What kind of bases can I find here at Beyosa?

Beyosa is a mattress brand offering hybrid mattresses that are customizable on both sides of the bed. Similar to Casper, Beyosa beds do not require box springs and can work with a variety of different bases. Beyosa sells the bases we think pair the best with our mattresses, although other bases can work as well. 

Beyosa offers two different levels of adjustable bases, the Quest 2.0 and the Quest 2.5. You can also find the Breeze Platform Base, which provides a solid foundation with added airflow benefits of wooden slats. 

But the base is only a small part of what makes a bed comfortable. The mattress is the most important part. Beyosa offers a variety of customizable sleep products to help you create your ideal, individualized sleep environment. That starts with our mattress you and your partner can customize on each side with your preferred levels of firmness.

The days of compromising with your partner over mattress firmness are over. Build your bed with Beyosa now. 

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